Landlord Services

Outsource Landlord Services to Expert Property Managers in Ilford, Essex

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the many responsibilities involved in managing a property for the purposes of rental. That's why our property managers, in Ilford, Essex, provide a whole host of landlord services designed to minimise your effort and expense.

Gas Inspection and Gauges

Gas and Electrical Safety Inspections

When a dwelling is being let, landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that an annual gas safety check is carried out on appliances and flues. What's more, a record of these checks must be provided to tenants within 28 days of the check being completed or upon moving into the property. Working on your behalf, our experienced team will arrange the inspections necessary to obtain gas and electrical safety certification.

Energy Performance Certification

It is the landlord's legal obligation to obtain an energy performance certificate (EPC) for any dwelling that is being let. As a result, we'll work to ensure your property has the EPC needed to comply with the law.

Check-In and Inventory Management

Working indefatigably, our team will produce a clear inventory upon your request, including photos and meter readings. When moving in, tenants are asked to check and sign the inventory, as well as a check-in report that confirms the documentation and items they have received. As this process takes place at the start of a tenancy, it helps to evidence the initial state of the property – which may prove essential in the event of a future dispute.

Property Inspections

Making sure properties are being cared for on your behalf, we'll visit tenants to inspect whether the residence is being maintained and report our findings back to you. At Beneficial Properties Ltd, we recommend that property visits are carried out at least every quarter. An exceptional way of ensuring that properties are intact and cared for, each visit is accompanied with a written record that may assist you in the event of taking action against tenants. What's more, property visits are a useful way of identifying any potential property misuse, such as subletting.

Taking Care of Vacant Properties

Leaving a property empty is often a cause for concern. Offering peace of mind while your property is vacant, our practised team will be happy to check it regularly. We'll visit the premises on a timetable approved by you. As with our property management services, we'll arrange any necessary maintenance or repair work by sourcing thorough, affordable, and independent contractors. Following each visit, we'll report to you with the status of your property.

Check-Out Services

On the day a tenant moves out, we'll rigorously inspect the property on your behalf. Making use of the inventory, we'll ascertain whether any damage has been sustained and compile a report for your reference. Carefully documenting the process, our results will prove helpful in the event of a deposit dispute.

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